CSLB General B License #1092969

Service Offerings

Subcontractor Work

Are you a national (even international) licensed contractor looking for a licensed restoration contractor for your local clientele? Are you a statewide licensed contractor looking for a go-to remediation sub in Southern California? How about a local licensed contractor that doesn’t want to invest in the training and equipment necessary to be a good remediation contractor, but wants to serve your clientele with a top-notch subcontractor?

Meet your new licensed subcontractor: Presto! Restore Rebuild (Presto Resto). We carry a CSLB General B License, insurance, bond, and a multitude of certifications for several disciplines in the restoration industry. You can have every confidence in our ability to serve your clients well and make you look good in the process. We provide labor, materials, chemistry, and equipment to get the job done with minimal input from you so that you can focus on growing your core business such as ADUs and renovations.

In California, any labor and materials exceeding $500 require the proper license classification, so level-up with a fully credentialed mold remediation company. It’s also the law!

There are three simple steps to onboarding Presto Resto as your licensed subcontractor:

  1. Get a bid from us for the work to be done.
  2. Markup the bid for your management fee.
  3. Exchange paperwork including a non-solicit agreement to assure you that we won’t work with your clients outside of a subcontractor agreement with you.